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Answer to the Question: “How do I post videos to my WordPress Blog?’

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You can post just about any video to your blog using VodPod’s “Post to WordPress” button. The “Post to WordPress” button will work on just about any site that offers Flash video with an embed code.


Firefox users

If you’re a Firefox user, Vodpod offers an add-on that you can install directly into your browser. Note: currently only compatible up to Firefox 3.6.

Installing and using the extension involves several steps, but the good news is that once the add-on is installed and your Vodpod account open, you will be able to use it for any video.

The steps:

1. Install the Vodpod add-on in Firefox, which adds a small orange button to your toolbar, with the Vodpod logo on it.

2. Navigate to the webpage where your video is available.

3. Click on the orange Vodpod button, a pop up window will appear showing you the videos available in the webpage you loaded and asking you to confirm which one you want to embed in your blog.

4. Click on the “Yes this is the video” button.

5. If you already have a VodPod account, you will go directly to step 7.

6. If you don’t have a Vodpod account, you can open one now, just pick a username, a password, and input your email address.

7. A small form will appear, asking you for a title, tag and comments for the video you are embedding, these are options.

8. Click on “Save” and you will see a choice of actions to share the video.

9. Click on “Blog Post” and you will see a form, below the form is a “ Shortcode” link,

click on it and the shortcode to embed the video will appear, select it entirely,

copy it and paste it into your post, like this:

Chrome users

There is also an extension for Chrome.

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