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Answer to Question: ” How do I start my blog on WordPress?”

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Stage One: Sign up

First, let’s get you signed up.

For those inclined, there is a 90 second video on that will” walk you through” the sign up process.

To get signed up follow these easy steps:

Get Signed Up!

1. Head to and click the sign up button:

2. Choose a domain name for your first blog (you can add others later if you like). This is the unique address that people will visit to check out your blog.

3. If that blog address is available, you’ll see a green check mark. You’ll also see the option to purchase a custom domain name (or you can use for free).

If you only want to comment on specific blogs, and do not want your own blog, click “Sign up for just a username.”

4. Next, choose a unique username that will identify you in the community. You’ll use this to log into your blog.

5. Now it’s time to think up a password. Try to make it a little more difficult to guess than password” or your cat’s name. You’ll need to enter the same password twice, and the little “strength” bar will tell you if you’ve chosen a strong password or not.

6. Next up, add the email address you’d like to associate with your account. Check the box if you’d like to subscribe to our blog.

7. You’re almost done! Click the signup button and we’ll send you a confirmation email. If you’ve chosen to purchase a custom domain name, you’ll be directed to domain registration and payment next.

8. Click the activation link in the email to verify that you’re human. If you can’t find the email in your inbox, check your spam or trash folders. If you still don’t receive it, email Support. Here’s an example of the email you’ll receive:

9. If you made a mistake with your email address, you can update it from the same page you used to sign up.

10. You’ll see the message below once your account has been activated.

Stage Two: Sign in

Now you’re ready to sign in. Click the “Login” link on the activation confirmation page, or head to the homepage and enter your username and password to sign in to your account.

On the homepage, find the My Blogs tab, and click “Dashboard.” You’ll be whisked to the dashboard to get things started. This is the back-end part of your blog, where you create new posts and manage your content.Only you see your dashboard.

Your “dashboard.” Huh?

When you’re signed in, you’ll see a tab at the top of the page that says “My Blog.” It displays all the blogs registered to your username, and allows you to quickly access your dashboard.

The dashboard is referred to as the “back end,” and only you (and any users you’ve assigned) can see it. Think of the dashboard as a behind-the-scenes control panel for your blog, where all your blog’s information and settings are stored. Virtually any time you want to update or modify your blog, you’ll need to access your dashboard.

The “front end” is what the outside world sees. So to make any changes to the front end (write a post, change your design template, etc.), you must access the back end (your dashboard). To see the front-end of your blog, click on the blog’s title in the upper left-hand side of the dashboard.

You’ve got two sets of dashboard menus when you’re logged in. First, the left-hand navigation menus are a way to access almost all the powers of your blog. You can open any left-hand menu by hovering over the text, and then clicking on the arrow that appears. In this example, the “Posts” section is open.

The toolbar

Your other menu is the toolbar across the top of your blog. Your toolbar may look slightly different but this is the basic gist of it. You can access fewer tools with this toolbar than you can with your left-hand menu — the idea is to just put some essentials up there for secondary access to your administrative site.

Stage Three: Tweak your General Settings

Changing your general settings

Changing your general settings

Now that you’re in your Dashboard, feel free to spend a few minutes poking around. Next, we recommend making some quick tweaks to your blog’s General Settings.

1.) Open up the settings menu. It’s the last menu on the left side of your screen. Click “General” and you’ll be taken right there.

2.) Adjust your blog title to your liking. You can also add a tagline here, which will appear under your title, usually at the top of your blog.

3.) You can also change your email address, timezone, date and time settings, and language settings here. Don’t forget to save your changes!

4.) It’s also possible to upload an image to represent your blog when it appears in various places on (unless you’ve set it to private). Click on “browse” and locate the image file on your computer.

5.) Once you’ve found the image you want,  choose “upload image.” You can always change this image later if you decide you want a different one. Once the image has uploaded, you’ll be able to crop the photo by making the box bigger or smaller.

6) Once it’s uploaded, it will look like this in your General Settings:

Get More Help

Now that you’ve got this page set up, feel free to return to your main dashboard and get acquainted with the menus. You can’t break anything, and if you do, we can help. Also, don’t feel like you need to understand everything you’re looking at. With patience and practice, you’ll eventually learn what everything means. And just when you do, we’ll release a new feature :-)

If you want more specific details on Settings Menus, see All About Settings. If you get majorly stuck, contact Support for help.

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